The signup registration is a two step process.  If both steps are not completed, you will not be signed up for the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival

Step 1: Fill out all of the required fields below and click the “Submit” button below

Games Structure
Boys Youth Games: 3rd to 5th Grade
6th to 8th Grade
Boys High School: 9th to 12th Grade
Mens Games:  College and Up
Girls Youth Games: 6th to 8th Grade
Girls Adult Games: 9th grade & Up

Check in begins at 11:30 am
The opening ceremony will start 12:00 pm
The first game will start at 12:30 pm

Terms and Conditions 

After clicking the “Submit” button above, this page will be returned with large “Message Sent (go back)” and the information you entered . . . after receiving this message, you may proceed to Step 2 below.

Step Two: Submit your payment.

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button below and complete the popup payment window.

Early Lacrosse Registration

Early Lacrosse Registration
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