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Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival Schedule

Thank you to all who signed up to play in the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival! We look forward to seeing you for a fun day of games, prizes and Good Vibes! The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • 11:30am-12:00pm Player Check in
  • 12pm Opening Ceremony
  • 12:30pm Girls Game
  • 1:00-3pm Youth Boys, High School Boys, Mens Games

The BBQ at the Shillelagh Club will begin at 2pm. Throughout the day we will have auctions, mini-games run by Parabolic, Be The Match swabbing, face painting, caricatures, music and more!

Register with Be The Match

As we are only 5 days away from the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival we want to introduce you to Veronica. Veronica is a local West Orange resident, who was diagnosed with osteopetrosis and her only cure is to find a matching stem cell donor. Sadly, there is not 1 match out of the 20 million people already on the Be The Match Registry. It has been difficult for her to find a match because of her mixed background. That is why it is so important for more people to join and increase the diversity of the registry.

This Saturday, August 3rd, Be The Match will be at the Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival to register potential donors. Click here to see how easy it is to register!

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video and consider joining Be The Match Registry on Saturday, August 3rd at the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival.

Continuing to Spread Good Vibes

Surreal as it may be, five years ago, we lost Brendan Tevlin. We, the Good Vibes & Easy Living Foundation, would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Little did he know, Brendan’s simple idea of a pickup lacrosse game to get friends back together would evolve into a remarkable charity event. We would not have been able to run this event without the help of our supporters, from Seton Hall Prep and the Livingston community, to countless others across the state and country. 

It is incredible to see loved ones, classmates, and strangers post to our Good Vibes & Easy Living Facebook page every week with photos, quotes, and videos that remind them of Brendan. Brendan has continued to live on through each of us. Brendan’s name and his mantra of “Good Vibes & Easy Living” has been printed on multiple fields, plaques, trophies, a playground, and on tens of thousands of t-shirts and wristbands. 

We are very proud to be hosting our 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival, Saturday, August 3rd. All players can click here to register. If you would like to volunteer, click here. If you cannot make this event but wish to donate to our auctions, email or if you would like to make a monetary donation, click here

How to Be The Match at the Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival

After announcing that Be The Match will be at the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival, we’ve received many questions about joining the registry. Below is some basic information about the process.

  1. You can join the registry using this link: or you can text to join: Text cure94 To 61474
  2. Create an account by filling out your contact information and medical history. This should only take about 5 minutes.
  3. A swab kit can be sent to your home or you can register and swab at the festival at the Be The Match table! The cheek swab gathers your tissue cells and will be used to match your HLA type to searching patients.
  4. You will only be called upon if you are a match. This could take weeks, months, or years.
  5. You will receive free blood tests and physicals and Be The Match will work around your schedule, if you are a possible match.
  6. If you are a match, you will be asked to donate blood stem cells or bone marrow cells to one specific patient. 80% of donors are requested to donate blood stem cells. Only 20% of donors are requested to donate marrow cells. 

Click here to register to play in the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival or if you would like to volunteer click here!

Be The Match at the Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival

Sophomore Brian Tevlin of Yale University demonstrated incredible selflessness when, five games into his sophomore season, he received word that he was a match for the Be The Match, a bone marrow donation registry. Inspired by the story of his friend’s mother, who was saved by a million-to-one donor, he accepted the match and scheduled surgery two weeks later. His decision to ensure another family wouldn’t suffer, in the middle of the season as a starting midfielder on the defending national championship team, is the definition of unsung. – One Love Foundation

Now with Yale heading back to the National Championship, many have heard and seen the articles, photos, and ESPN commentators commending Brian Tevlin on donating bone marrow to a total stranger. Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, sickle cell anemia or other life-threatening diseases depend on the Be The Match Registry to find a match to save their life.

The Good Vibes & Easy Living Foundation is proud to announce that representatives from Be The Match registry will be at the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival! Be The Match will have a table set up at the festival to educate and register prospective donors. We hope that you will be inspired by this story and consider registering with Be The Match at the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival, Saturday, August 3rd!

If you want to learn more about Be The Match Registry click here. Also visit our registration page to sign up for the 6th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival.

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Spreading Good Vibes

Last month, with over one hundred people in attendance the Where Angels Play Foundation hosted a beautiful ribbon cutting ceremony to honor Brendan’s new playground in Lavallette, NJ. It was highlighted with bagpipers and drummers, a State Police flyover, and a banner plane with Brendan’s mantra of “Good Vibes & Easy Living” circling the area.
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5th Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival Highlights

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Our sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the 5th Annual Brendan Tevlin Lacrosse Festival this weekend. Whether you were a player, spectator, donor or volunteer, your contributions to making the event a success are greatly appreciated.

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